In the Twilight universe all vampires were originally human. As vampires, they retain a
close physical resemblance to their human form, the only reliably noticeable differences being a
universal pallor of skin, a change in eye color, and heightened beauty.
In direct sunlight, the disparity between human and vampire becomes more obvious. The
cellular membrane of the vampire is not as soft or permeable as in a human cell; it has crystalline
properties that cause the surface of vampire skin to react prismatically, giving the vampire a
glitter-like shimmer in sunlight.
—Bella (Twilight, Chapter 13)
The common factor of beauty among vampires is mostly due to this crystalline skin. The
perfect smoothness, gloss, and even color of the skin give the illusion of a flawless face. The skin
reacts differently to light, creating an angular effect that heightens the perception of beauty.
Additionally, the stonelike firmness of the vampire body creates a look similar to muscle,
making any size human appear more fit as a vampire. Like humans, vampires are drawn to
beauty. When choosing a human for the transformation process, vampires are as likely as
humans to be motivated by a beautiful face and body.
Pale vampire skin is a product of vampire venom‘s transformative process. The venom
leeches all pigment from the skin as it changes the human skin into the more indestructible
vampire form. Regardless of original ethnicity, a vampire‘s skin will be exceptionally pale. The
hue varies slightly, with darker-skinned humans having a barely discernible olive tone to their
vampire skin, but the light shade remains the same. All forms of skin pigmentation—freckles,
moles, birthmarks, age marks, scars, and tattoos—disappear during the transformation.
While all vampires have similarly pale skin, they can have a certain variety of eye colors.
Vampires who haven‘t fed for a few weeks will have solidly black irises. Recently fed vampires
will have deep red eyes if they drank human blood, and medium gold–colored irises if they drank
animal blood. Vampires who have been newly transformed will have very bright red irises,
regardless of diet. It is possible to disguise this feature with colored contact lenses, but the
lubricant in vampire eyes breaks the contacts down quickly. One pair will last only a few hours.
Vampires also universally exhibit dark circles under their eyes. These circles, like the changing
irises, denote thirst in a vampire. They appear darker and more obvious when the vampire has
not recently fed.
―While vampires are frightening and deadly, they are also alluring. They can be beautiful;
they can be sophisticated; they have qualities that we actually aspire to: eternal youth, strength,
and intelligence. The dual side to vampires makes them hard to resist.‖ —Stephenie
Vampire teeth appear the same as human teeth; the canines are not longer or more
pointed than human canines. However, vampire teeth are unbreakable, razor sharp on their
edges, and strong enough to cut through almost any substance, including vampire skin.
Less noticeable than these physical features is the vampire‘s tendency toward stillness.
Unlike humans, who grow uncomfortable after holding one physical position for a time,
vampires are most comfortable when perfectly motionless. A common vampire reaction to stress
is a statue-like immobility.
Vampires breathe reflexively, as do humans, but they have no need for oxygen. They are
able to consciously stop breathing for an indefinite period, but they find the sensation
uncomfortable. Vampires rely on their sense of smell above other senses, similar to many animal
predators. The lack of smell is what causes the discomfort from not breathing.
Some very old vampires are visibly different from others because of this stillness. If a
vampire remains unmoving often enough over thousands of years, dust actually begins to petrify
in response to the venom-like liquids that lubricate his eyes and skin. Eventually, a vampire‘s
skin begins to appear thin and translucent, like the skin of an onion—though the strength of the
skin is not compromised. A milky film covers the eyes, making the irises appear pink in color.
Again, the vampire‘s eyesight is not compromised.
Internally, the vampire‘s system contains many venom-based fluids that resemble, and in
some cases perform the same function as, the human fluids that were replaced. Only the salivalike
liquid in the vampire‘s mouth is venomous. A fluid similar to this venom works as a
lubricant between the hard cells of the skin, making movement possible. Another lubricates the
vampire‘s eyes so they can move easily in their sockets. However, vampires do not produce
tears, as tears exist to protect the eye from damage by small foreign objects, and those objects
would not be able to harm a vampire‘s eye. Throughout the body, this pattern is repeated, with
venom-like fluids performing the functions that are still necessary to the vampire. Most notably
absent is the circulatory system.
Vampires are frozen in the state at which they are transformed.
Vampires are frozen in the state at which they are transformed. They do not grow older,
taller, or wider, or experience any other physical change, including unconsciousness (vampires
never sleep). Their fingernails and hair do not grow. Their hair does not change color.



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